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North West faculty of ultrasound guided anaesthesia

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I never knew the brachial plexus could be so interesting!!

Liked that broader topics than just regional anaesthesia were covered

Plenty of scanning practice

Live scanning in lectures, very useful

An excellent course

Good value

Very helpful

I could not find fault

Explanation of artefact on US was very insightful into pitfalls of US

All excellent           

Physics lecture brilliant

Neuraxial scanning v v useful

Great work with AV setup

Useful having models of different size, shapes, ages

Good ratio of lectures to workshops

Good layout of hotel and catering excellent

Excellent course

Informative, focused, applicable

Congenial and knowledgeable faculty

I really enjoyed this course! At last I learned something!! :-)

Excellent course

Very well organised

Very friendly approach - very practical, lots of hands on practice.

Great! I feel much happier with an U/S machine than I did before

Definitely worth crossing the Pennines for! 

Very practical - had lots of practice 

Great to have free scanning in the time table 

Really good faculty, all very credible and experienced